Spiritual Counseling


Times arrive in our life path where we are in need of help.  We seek a safe place where we can be heard, held, nurtured, supported and re-empowered.  Sessions offer a sanctuary space where you can remember and realign with your deeper truths, authentic self and desires.  Good times for entering into spiritual counseling work (and play) include but are not limited to:

* times of transition – moves, career change, divorce, beginning and ending of life-phases

* working through childhood traumas, letting go of victim identity and getting out of the cycles of repeating stories

* tapping into what you want for yourself and your life

* weeding your “garden” of blocks and negativity to make way for fresh new life

* creating personal rituals to honor and develop connection with the self

* using divination and dream to recognize and access what is asking for attention in your life

Sessions intuitively and organically unfold, as we ground, center and discover with what is true and up for you.

With non-judgmental compassion, I hold a space of sacred witness and guidance.  Your process of healing is unique to you and I will create room for sessions to accommodate this.  The ultimate goal is to offer uplifting help and infuse you with the motivation and resources to become your own healer.



I am not a licensed professional therapist.  It is important you take responsibility for having a professional therapist in place as you deem necessary.  Spiritual counseling can offer stellar and complimentary dimensions to traditional therapy, enriching and broadening the experience for you.