Shamanic Journey Work & Healing

Creating sacred space and entering into the shamanic realm is an ancient one that every culture on the planet has at its roots.  It speaks to a time when humans collectively lived in deeper connection to the earth and elements.  Some cultures clearly still continue to be more connected than others to this way of life, yet it resides in the genetic memory of all humans and can be
re-accessed with respectful practice and cultivation of sensitivity.
Animism, or the belief that everything is infused with spirit and honored accordingly, is a foundational aspect of shamanic existence.  From this place of humble respect and connection to all that is , teachings, information and healing are made available.  This work is sacred and powerful, offering a direct connection to spirit and the natural world; Creator, ancestors, animals, rocks, plants and elements are our teachers and allies.  It is vital to healing the planet and ourselves to pay respect to these teachers and integrate daily practices of gratitude and recognition for them into our lives.
Connecting with Ancestors are of vital importance to this path.  Recognizing our lineage, honoring those who have come before and calling on this connection for support, information and empowerment is fundamental to the work.  I am personally healing my fragmented connection to the Germanic tribe I hail from and awakening the remembrance of the earth-based wisdom of my lineage.

In shamanic sessions, through the use of drumming, calling in spirit, and delving into sacred space, a variety of things can be achieved.  Healing of mind, body and spirit, divinations on questions in your life, retrieving animal allies that you can symbiotically work with and learning how to journey for yourself are all in the spectrum.

Due to the nature of this work and my deep respect for it, I do not set prices for sessions.

 Clients instead offer what they choose to on a donation basis.